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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tri-CoGo?
Tri-CoGo is a high-speed broadband internet service provider in middle Georgia. Established in 2021, the company is constructing fiber lines to bring high-speed broadband internet to members of the Tri-County EMC service area.

What is Fiber?
Fiber optic systems use bursts of light sent through thin glass fibers to transmit information, resulting in much faster speeds than traditional copper lines. Tri-CoGo will bring fiber all the way into your home, giving you access to download and upload speeds up to 1 gigabit.


How much does it cost?
Internet service is $54.95 + tax per month for 250 Mbps (upload, download) and $84.95 + tax per month for 1 gbps (upload, download). Both services include managed Wi-Fi.

What is managed wi-fi?
Every subscription for Tri-CoGo’s internet service comes with free technical support and a WIFI router that provides “managed” WIFI. This allows our technicians to assist you remotely with any issues that may arise with your service. You will also receive complementary access to our Tri-CoGo App, allowing you access and control of your home’s network.

What equipment is required? How much does the equipment cost?
You are not required to provide any equipment. You will be provided with an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which functions as a modem, and a GigaSpire WIFI router which will deliver a very powerful, state-of-the-art “managed” WIFI signal for your home. If you have a very large or multi-story home, you may wish to purchase one or more extenders, available from Tri-CoGo for $5 per month.

What happens if the equipment is damaged?
Physical damage will be charged to the subscriber. Malfunctioning equipment will be replaced by Tri-CoGo at no charge.

Can I use my own equipment?
You must use the ONT (modem) provided to receive internet service. We strongly recommend that you use the GigaSpire router provided with your subscription, allowing you to receive Managed WIFI. Without Managed WIFI, remote technical support for internet and phone will not be available. The GigaSpire router not only provides Managed WIFI, but also delivers wide-ranging WIFI-6 service for your home. The GigaSpire will also allow you to easily connect wireless extenders for larger homes or homes with multiple floors.

Do I have to return the equipment if I cancel service?
Yes. We will send someone to your house to pick up the equipment if you cancel service. Do not try to disconnect the equipment yourself.

Is this a promotional price?
No! Our great prices are full price from the start, so you don’t have to worry about prices skyrocketing after a promotional period is up.

Are prices going to go up?
Prices may potentially increase due to increases in wholesale or other unforeseen cost increases that may arise. However, Tri-CoGo does not intend on having promotional or introductory pricing structures that increase after a set amount of time. Any increases would be made for all subscribers.

Are there any data caps?
No. Use as much data as you want with no caps or throttling.

Will I get a Tri-CoGo email address?
Tri-CoGo does not provide email service. If you need a new email address, we recommend creating an account with one of the many high-quality free email providers.


Who can get Tri-CoGo?
We are currently in the construction phase of the project. You can pre-register and see if your address is included in the service area at www.connect.tri-cogo.com. Once construction has begun in your area, someone will notify you within two months of service availability so you can complete the registration process.

How do you decide who can get service first?
In deciding the phases of construction, we considered density, total cost, cost per home or business passed, the number of potential subscribers, cooperative communication needs and revenue projections. The project must be financially viable in order to succeed. Our fiber network is being built one substation at a time across Tri-County EMC’s service territory following the design plan for the entire network. Connections to each substation subsequently built and throughout the entire area provide important redundancy and resiliency. Service will become available as fiber construction is completed in each “zone”. We encourage you to review the schedule provided in the “service area” tab of this website.


How do I sign up?
You can pre-register for service at connect.tri-cogo.com. Pre-registration does not obligate you for service. Once you are pre-registered, we will use that contact information to notify you when you can sign up for service.  

Will service be available to locations not served by Tri-County EMC?
Yes, but our first priority is building the fiber network on our distribution system. This means TCEMC members will receive service first. But we are planning to make service available to non-members in the future. Please preregister your interest using the address search functionality on this website. We will contact you with additional details as plans to serve non-member areas are developed.

How do I get Tri-CoGo if I’m a renter?
If it's a new installation, you’ll need permission from your landlord to have the installation performed.

Once I’ve signed up, when and how will you contact me to select a package?
Once you’ve signed up and construction is close to completion in your area, we’ll get in touch by email or a phone call to set up your services.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Will my bills for electric and fiber be together or separate?
Although we share some employees and facilities, Tri-CoGo and Tri-County EMC are two separate companies. Your electric bill will be separate from your Tri-CoGo bill. 

Is there a late fee if I don’t pay on time?
Yes, a late fee will be assessed on the account if the payment is not made by the original due date.


How much does phone service cost?
The phone service is $29.95 per month plus standard phone taxes. Unlike many other phone providers, we do not charge any fees that aren’t mandated.

Can I have multiple lines?

Can I keep my phone number?
You will be able to keep your phone number in most cases.